From crib to bed: Toddler Beds

There will be quite a few signs that come across your path telling you that your baby has been replaced by a temperamental, strong willed, busy bee and sugar loving Toddler. One of those signs are the great cot escape.

We knew for a while that Ben was able to climb into his cot but he was still unable to climb out on his own, until husband and I woke up early one morning hearing footsteps in the house. My blood froze. I saw husband grab the baseball bat from under the bed and walk to our door to listen. But the footsteps were not slow and sneaky, instead they were frantic and sounded like they belonged to a little person. When husband got to the hall door Ben was standing there looking confused and scared. So the time has come to consider a big boy bed.

I don’t feel comfortable putting him in a single bed yet, but toddler beds are so pricey for something he will only use for about a year or two. We were discussing this when my brother, a budding carpenter suggested he make Ben a toddler bed as a birthday gift, so naturally I have been spending 90% of my time on Pinterest looking at toddler beds.

So here are my favourites

Bed 1

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beds 4

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bed 5

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And this is the one I’ve chosen. Like most boys Ben loves cars. He fell completely in love with this hideous car bed at Mr Price home, so when I saw this bed I knew this would be the perfect compromise.

bed 2 kar

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kids 3

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4 Comments on From crib to bed: Toddler Beds

  1. Laiqah
    July 22, 2015 at 11:31 am (3 years ago)

    OMG! Love the car bed (the one above, not the Mr P one!) 😉
    ALL boys love cars hey. M is obsessed! And has just started liking Despicable Me/minions, I know Ben has always loved them though! 🙂 Does he watch the movies from start to finish? I have to forward to all the minion parts.
    Have you thought about taking him to see it at the cinema?
    I want to take M but I really don’t think he would sit still and actually watch a movie for 2 hours, also he gets very excited when he’s watching it at home, I can’t imagine a huge cinema screen. 😉

    • Liezel
      July 23, 2015 at 8:57 am (3 years ago)

      He watches the whole thing beginning to end. When he was little we actually though he only watched it because he liked the little girls, but now with him saying Nimmie (his word for minion) and banana all the time we know its definitely all about the Minions.

      I am so keen to take him to the cinema to see it, but we wanted to wait till the big opening rush is over and for school holidays to end. Might take him this weekend. Not sure if he’ll actually sit still though.

  2. Laura
    July 22, 2015 at 5:32 pm (3 years ago)

    These are all so stunning. We just moved Emma into a bed, hubby built her some rails so she is safe and has taken to it really well.


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