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I remember the days of tiny baby with big eyes looking all peaceful as he lie there quietly while I changed his nappy. I could take my good old time with every nappy change if I wanted too. No rush. Off course this all changed the day he figured out how to roll and it only got worse the more mobile he became. These days nappy changes look more like a wrestling match and I usually give up half way through and end up bribing him with a cookie and even then I have mere seconds before he’s up again.

So obviously when Pampers sent me a pack of their new easy to use pull up unisex pants to try out I was beyond excited. If you can make nappy changes easier for me you’ve got a fan for life (We are actually happy Pampers Premium customers so in all honesty they already have a fan for life in us)

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These really are super easy and quick to put on. I mainly use them during the day when I’m either too lazy for a nappy change struggle or when we are out and about for the day because with public bathrooms you want to be in and out with your little as quick as possible. I have to be honest I think these are more convenient for summer, because in winter they have jeans and shoes that you need to take off in order to pull the pants on but they will be ideal for summer time. Throw them in your bag for beach and pool days when the little people switch between swimsuit and nappy.

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It is also important to get the right fit as they obviously do not have the adjustable tabs like normal nappies. Ben is quite small around the waist and the pants did droop a little as it got fuller. But if I can sort out the correct size it’ll be perfect. I was also a little worried about the pants leaking but we have not had one leak while wearing them. So all in all pretty happy with these.

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  1. stephanie
    August 3, 2015 at 6:46 pm (3 years ago)

    Def need to get some for when i start potty training my daughter and def for summer, you right in winter such a pain to take off all there layers to put them on


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