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A few weeks before Ben’s first birthday he discovered Despicable Me. It was on one of the DSTV movie channels and the minute he saw it he froze, moved in a little closer and eventually sat down to watch. Now for a kid who never sits still for longer than 10 minutes since he started walking at 9 months this was a big deal. And so Gru and the Minions became a lifesaver. When I needed to shower or we had to concentrate on something we knew we could put on the movie and he would stay put in one place for at least an hour. When he was really upset or got hurt and nothing would calm him down we could always count on the Minions to get him settled. At around 18 months he went through a bad patch where he would wake up crying hysterically in the middle of the night and nothing we did would make him stop. Till we popped in Despicable Me, and so I spent quite a few nights/mornings watching Gru and the gang at 3 am.

So we’ve known for about a year that his 2nd Birthday party would be Despicable Me themed. At the time it was really difficult to find any Minion party merchandise in SA so whenever we found something we would buy it immediately. My sister in law also sent a bunch of stuff from the UK.

Then in June the Minion movie came out. At first I was really excited because there were Minions everywhere. And then I became stressed, because there were Minions everywhere. Suddenly every kid was a fan and wanted a Minion party. One after the other Minion party pictures popped up on my Facebook feed. By the time it was Bens turn the kids (and parents) will all be Minioned out. I’d load the party pics onto Instagram and everyone would be like “Wow, another Minion party. Groundbreaking” (said in a Miranda Priestly voice)

Then a friend reminded me who the party was for. Its not for the other kids, its not for the parents, and definitely not for pretty Instagram pictures, its for Ben, and he loves the Nimmies (as he calls the Minions) So yes we are going ahead with the party as planned. Due to the fact that husband, my dad and brother left on a Namibia trip the day after Ben turned 2 we are only doing the party this coming Saturday. Beyond excited.

While going through all things yellow and blue on Pinterest I came across this Minion party on the Catch my Party blog. I just love the girly twist and use of purple for a theme that is usually predominantly for boys and in yellow and blue.

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  1. Zayaan Schroeder
    August 24, 2015 at 8:42 am (2 years ago)

    Well I for one can’t wait to see what you come up with for Ben’s Minion party if his first birthday was anything to go on!


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