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You’ve probably heard this quite often from everyone the last couple of weeks but, gosh can you even believe its December already? Where did the year go?

I’ve been counting down the hours to pay day so I can start Christmas shopping. I have a very, very long list this year and even though buying Christmas presents is one of my most favourite things to do I am feeling a tiny bit anxious.

But our tree is up, Ben is busy decorating some Christmas wrapping paper and I catch myself singing Jingle Bells in public places more often than I care to admit. Yes the fact that another year of our lives are over scares the living daylight out of me but I also love, love, love the Holidays so I’m feeling pretty good.


On Friday it’s the big End of Year Christmas concert at school. Both sets of grandparents will be joining us for the show and we are all extremely excited. They’ve been practising their dance ‘routine’ (a term I use lightly) at school for weeks now. Ben is a little ADD and his teacher told me that he’ll practise for a bit and then wanders off looking for the next big adventure so I’m not too sure how much of the dance ‘routine’ he actually knows, but even if they all just run around the stage like tiny lunatics it will still be the best damn show I’ve ever seen (excited, proud mom over here).

End of year also means it’s his last few weeks in toddler class before moving up to the next age group.  I am feeling quite emotional over this and also quite stressed. Ben adore his teacher Snowy. He follows her around like a little shadow. He gives her hugs and kisses when it’s time to say goodbye in the afternoon. When we are strict with him at home or we force him to do something he doesn’t want to, like nap, he’ll usually call for her. Snowy!! Snowy!! In this sad little voice. I just don’t know how he will cope without her next year. Making him understand that he is no longer in her class is going to be one of the toughest jobs to date. Especially because he will still see her on the playground every day but she will have new kids to look after. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart breaking because growing up is a tough tough job.

ben skool


We have now been in our new little house in Strand for 1 year and 3 months. Although we still miss Stellenbosch and estate life we have settled in well and I’ve come to really love our new house. In August they finally built the front wall so our garden is now fully enclosed. It used to be a major stress because we live on quite a busy street and we hardly ever let Ben play in the front garden because he would head straight for the street. Having the wall there and a bit more privacy has made such a huge difference. First off Knox our Golden Retriever was able to return home after staying with my parents for a year. Ben can now play outside without us hovering. The garden was a bit of a mess and quite overgrown so we have spent the last couple of weekends cleaning it out and planting grass. Ben loves it. He plays in the mud. Kick the ball around, chase Knox and love watering the plants. We still have lots to do but its getting there.


My 5 month temp contract ended in May. It was a really stressful job at a large company and I was quite happy to say goodbye. Temping is cool because you work for a few months and then you get some time off at home, but it also means that I get a steady income for a few months and then nothing. So I really wanted to get a permanent job so we can start planning and budget for things like a new car and baby number 2. But after a few months of looking for the perfect job money got really, really tight and I once again found myself accepting another temporary contract. It’s a shorter contract than usual, I started end October and will finish end February, with a 2 week break during December. It’s a small company (which I prefer) and the job is pretty basic. So no stresses and crying in front of colleagues this time around. It’s also only halfday, I finish at 13:00. Which is perfect because in September I started my own little business and working halfday gives me afternoons to work on that. Yay Kids sell wooden play blocks for kids that are both educational but also pretty enough to be used as room décor. I’ve been getting such positive feedback from everyone since Yay Kids launched end September and we were also included in the YOU magazines Christmas gift guide. Exciting stuff! I have so many plans for the little business but that’s a whole blog post on its own. If you want to have a look at our blocks find us on Facebook here.

yay kids facebook

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