Favourite Instagram accounts

When it comes to Social Media Instagram is definitely my favourite. If my husband didn’t get so irritated with me I would probably spend all day on it. Here’s a quick list of some favourites.

ZANA – Décor

Zana is a Cape Town based design business who create the most amazing cushions, linen, tableware and bags. I absolutely love everything they do. The colours, typography and patterns of their products are pure magic. Their attention to detail, packaging, styling and social media presence is what I aim to achieve with my little business. I especially love the little Valentines Instagram posts they are currently doing. So cute.


Pajamas & Jam – Food

I am no foodie but this account is just gorgeous. Fresh ingredients and yummy food perfectly styled. Pajamas & Jam is right here in my neighbourhood in Strand and let me tell you the food is amazing.


Reese Witherspoon – Books

This isn’t on the list because I am the number one Legally Blonde fan (I’m really not) but rather for the amazing book suggestions. Reese is a very successful producer and read a lot of amazing books looking to turn them into movies.  She did an Instagram post On Gone Girl long before the hype started and was the one who secured the movie rights. I also saw Girl on the Train on her feed and other books she posted that’s on my reading list includes:  Luckiest Girl Alive, Big Little Lies and In a dark, dark wood. Follow her hashtag #RWBookClub


Kimmy & Bear – Parenting

This is one of my favourite blog’s and I get so excited when I spot a new Kimmy&Bear pic on my Instagram feed. Bailey is mom to twin girls and always look so relaxed and well put together. If I had twins I’d probably never wash my hair and wander around in yoga pants all day long. Thats probably why the good Lord decided to only give me one at a time.


Caylee Grey – Creative

caylee grey
I’ve been a Caylee fan for a very long time and was lucky enough to help plan her wedding. She is just the most creative, bubbly, fantastically pink & gold loving girl you’ll ever follow. She’s also the one who designed and created my Hello August blog for me. She’s the best.

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