That one time Crossfit nearly killed me.


I use to be a really active kid and teenager. I did athletics, gymnastics, tumbling, played hockey for a bit, and LOVED Netball. At one stage I even did rock climbing as a sport. After school I was really into cycling, but then when I started with the normal 8 – 5 work day things slowed down. After a few years of sloth like living I got asked to play for a local action Netball team. I totally loved it, until the night I hurt my knee, followed by surgery, followed by 6 weeks of physiotherapy with a trainer that made me beg for mercy.

Then I got married, lived the good life, got pregnant, had a baby, did the always exhausted new mom thing, ate a lot of Kit Kats, exercised very little and BOOM! There I was in Fatsville, corner of None of my clothes fit. It was when my beloved engagement ring became so tight that I couldn’t wear it anymore that I knew something had to be done.

The word CrossFit kept popping up, and even though I use to make fun of the crazies doing CrossFit it did sound like a sure fire way to get my lazy but in shape.  And so I joined up with stars in my eyes and dreams of looking like Gigi Hadid.

My first class was horrendous. I was red faced, short of breath and felt like I was going to die. But the coach was all like RUN OR DIE. The next day I woke up and every muscle in my body hurt. As the day went on it only got worse. At 3pm I was feeling nauseous, light headed and having cold sweats. I was physically ill. I picked Ben up from school at 3:30 drove home slouched over my steering wheel, plopped my kid in front of the TV and collapsed into a hot bath. That night I was passed out in bed at 8pm.


I totally over exerted my poor body, it was in shock and shutdown mode. I knew that this couldn’t be good for me. I had to pace myself, start slow and work up to my goal. A little bit at a time.  But unfortunately I’ve realised that this is not the Crossfit way. They don’t care that you haven’t exercised for over two years and are basically starting from scratch. It’s no pain, no gain all the way. When I’m tired and taking it easy for a bit so I can catch my breath I see them puffing out their cheeks at me.

Mind over matter. Never quit. GO, GO, GO!

Crossfit really is like a cult. They have inside jokes, spend weekends together at Crossfit games and show up early for class so they can have a little mini rope climbing battle. They time every little thing they do, count every single rep and then continue to discuss it amongst each other. I felt like a complete outsider. Like an imposter, the fat kid who gets picked last. I hated the look of judgement because I missed a class, because to me Crossfit was something I tried to squeeze in between my day job, running my own small business and family life. It wasn’t my main priority, and I got the feeling that to them this was just not cool.

I thought if I just kept going maybe it will get better. There’s probably just a ‘settle in’ phase that I had to survive.  But then my knee started bothering me.  I couldn’t do squats; it hurt to run and eventually got so bad that I couldn’t even get out of the bath without fearing a knee replacement. I then read this article about Crossfit and that was it, the final sign that Crossfit just wasn’t for me.

Last week Friday I joined good old Virgin Active again, and HONEY I’m HOME. I’m definitely more of a disappear in the masses mind my own business kind of exerciser. So getting my Gigi Hadid body may take a bit longer now that I’m back on my own training schedule and not that of a fitness obsessed Crossfit junkie instructor but I’m cool with that.

*Please note this is my personal opinion. Lots of people totally love crossfit and get great results from the high impact exercise. I’m just not one of them*

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