March: The highs and lows.

My mom use to tell me that the older you get the faster time goes and obviously as a kid I didn’t believe a word she said. Oh mom how right you were. It feels like I packed away the Christmas tree just yesterday and already we are done with Easter.

March went by so quickly that it actually took me a few minutes to remember what happened.

Low:  Bilateral Grommets & Adenoidectomy

We’ve been discussing grommets for quite a while now. I was very hesitant at first. It felt like every kid and his cousin was suddenly getting the Op, I wanted to make sure it was really necessary, but after a year of every snot nose and cough eventually turning into an ear infection needing antibiotics I knew we had to see a specialist. Ben is also a little behind when it comes to talking and we were worried that the constant ear infections might have a part in this.

On 9 March at 7 am we booked into the Cure Day Clinic Somerset West. Now in the medical world Grommets is a ‘no brainer surgery’ Millions of kids get them everyday. For me though it felt like he was going in for open heart surgery. I was so stressed and nervous.  A pretty big hurdle was the fact that Ben was not allowed to eat or drink after 2 am. Food is fine but my little boy is pretty adamant when it comes to his morning bottle so I was very worried about him having a major meltdown before we’ve even started the day. Luckily he woke up just before we had to leave so I quickly changed his diaper, gave him a little good luck present as a distraction and bundled him into the car.

ben 1

Everyone kept warning me that seeing your kid fall asleep, so lifeless when getting anesthesia is really horrible so I was prepared for the worst. So how it works is you go into theatre with your little, hold them on your lap tight while the Anesthesiologist holds the mask over their mouth. They squarm and wriggle and cry and then their tiny body goes completely limp. The crying is actually a good thing since they take deeper breaths and fall asleep quicker. Luckily Ben’s eye’s didn’t roll back as so many moms warned me would happen, instead he closed them and just fell asleep. The part that did actually frighten me was when they removed his mask and he made a horrible sound as if suffocating. My heart went cold, but the doctor reassured me that its normal, so take note.

The op takes about 45 minutes so its really quick. Another thing I was warned about is how they freak out when they wake up from the anesthesia. They can be disorientated, confused and even aggressive. My one friend told me her little one wanted nothing to do with her when he woke up, screamed blue murder and eventually passed out under the bed. I was scared, very scared. Luckily I had my mom with me. I thought Ben would be asleep when he came out of theatre, but we could hear him cry all the way in the waiting room as he woke up and they started wheeling him out. I got such a fright when I saw him. He was looking very confused and scared and had a bloody nose (apparently this is from the tube’s and completely normal) Back in his room I climbed in bed with him and he started to calm down and eventually fell asleep. He slept for what felt like ages. Woke up a little groggy, wanted to get out of bed, moaned a little and then took grandma’s hand and wanted to explore the hospital. He was walking up and down the hall in his little blue gown chatting away. Doctor took one look at him and said its fine to go home.

ben 2

ben 3

So all in all a stressful day but not as bad as I thought it would be. Little dude was such a champ.

ben 5

High:  Easter in The Baths Citrusdal

We had a family wedding in Citrusdal over easter weekend and stayed in The Baths. Our house was just outside the main gate, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens so perfect for a large group. The house has an outside bath and a Jacuzzi that fills with water from the hot springs up in the mountain. We pretty much spent all our time in that Jacuzzi. Ben played in there till his fingers and toes were totally pruned, we had to bribe him with chocolate to get out at night.

the baths

the baths 4

the baths 5

The resort also has a restaurant, a hot pool, cold pool and rock pools. This is such a cool place for a family vacation.

The Saturday was the wedding. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, not ideal for a farm wedding. Ben had such a ball running up and down the dance floor and even made some friends. At around 10pm my parents took Ben home and we stayed behind to party with my 20 year old cousins. There were dancing and shots and pretending to be party animals but at around midnight I was feeling my age and ready to hit my bed. In good old parent-life fashion Ben woke up crying hysterically just as I was about to get in bed. He spent the rest of the night in our bed kicking me in the face and hitting his head against the headboard. Lucky mom woke up with a hangover and a sore neck.

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