Ben is four

I know I say this every year with every age but I seriously cant believe my baby is four. As a naive 20 something I thought four year old’s were basically teenagers. Like you can leave them alone at home while you go on a date night old. I’d look at moms carrying 4 year old’s and I had the urge to say “You know he can walk right?” Now I’m that mom carrying around my 4 year old while his feet dangle below my knees.

The jump from 3 to 4 is honestly so huge. I’m amazed by this little person every single day. He can name every single dinosaur, tell you if its a herbivore or carnivore, he can also tell you exactly how they became extinct with the giant shooting star and the lava and then they were dead. Dead people, my kid now uses the word dead. He doesn’t always use it correctly, like the other night our dog’s tail knocked against a chair and Ben was like “OH NO Knoxies tail is dead” But still he mostly gets it right. And what a big grown up concept to understand. He now also insist on dressing himself which means taking 10 minutes to put on a pair of pants. The other day I told him he cant have Oros just water. After a few minutes he comes walking in with a glass of Oros. I should have been mad but I was just so impressed by the fact that he did it all on his own. I had a taste and he got the Oros/Water ratio just right.

I remember as a baby he would cry and I’d nervously try figure out if he was hungry, tired, pooped in his pants. Now when he cries he stops midway to announce “I CRY!!”  And then when you ask him why he will go into a lengthily discussion as to the reason for the crying.

My favourite word at the moment is ‘frebily’

Me: Is a TRex scary or friendly.

Ben: Scary

Me: Is a Triceratops scary or friendly?

Ben: Frebily

Other favourites include adbenture/adventure, baby TV/tablet and Orange Glasie/Oros. When he wants to talk he’ll start with “I call” So he’ll say “I call its a sunny day, lets go to the beach” or at bedtime he’ll announce “I call not sleepy time, I’m wakey”.

He calls the toy house with the owl on the roof the ‘spooky house’ and when he hears the word ‘subscribe’ he points down and says ‘red button below’ Thanks You Tube.

His favourite shows are Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures on CBeebies and Park Ranger LB on You Tube. He loves Jolly Jammers, Oreos, animal cookies (ZOO) and chocolate eggs (Tumbles with raisins)

So on the 12 of August we had the long awaited Blue Velociraptor party. This was the first year that he told me what kind of party he wanted and he was very specific about it. Blue, velociraptors, lava cake. All year long every party we went to he would have a meltdown because it wasn’t his blue velociraptor party. And then the day finally came…


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  1. Zayaan Schroeder
    September 13, 2017 at 9:30 am (5 months ago)

    What a lovely party! I laughed out loud for the subscribe part. Ben’s such a wonderful boy. Sending much love my friend.


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